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Through many years of experience gathered in the music business, the twin brothers Hanno and Elmar Lamberti have gradually changed the European carrying-trade for the entertainment business. As the first carrier in continental Europe they applied articulated trucks in order to efficiently provide transportation of music and show equipment.

Since then the vehicles have been continuously aligned to meet the needs of the music industry. The megacube-flatfloortrailers, self-developed and supplied by Trucking Service, continue to set standards in the market thanks to their cargo capacity as well as their quick and secure loading ability.

Trucking Service goes beyond the specialisation of land based entertainment-transport and offers its clients a complete touring package. Based on years of experience with production transports, we are able to offer professional  advice on any logistical issues you may encounter while touring in Europe and we can gladly take care of all customs procedures and assist with air and sea shipments.

 Each year Trucking Service provides approximately 500 transportation-roundtrips, ranging from one-way local transports all the way up to full scale international tours with up to 50 vehicles. In total, the company has more than 30 professional drivers and several office staff members who handle planning, organization, service and administration tasks.

Further Nightliner-services are offered by the partner company Coach Service.

 More than just a Transport service

Manufacturer:   Volvo   

Trailer:   Spier

Loading Dimensions:   L13.5M    H2.88 -3.05M   W2.44M

Loading Volume:   100M³

Payload:   21 Tons

Fittings: Two 4.30 meter loading ramps carried under the trailer. 5x Loadbars and 6x Straps.

Optional: Pallet Cage


Trucking Service provides transportation all over Europe with its own vehicles. The fleet is made up of 30 vehicles including Mega Trailers, City Trailers, 18-ton trucks and sprinter vans. Transportation is carried out by box trailers, curtain-siders or simply plateaus. One of the main benefits of the Trucking Service Fleet is the application of the innovated megacube flat floor trailer.

Manufacturer:   Volvo

Loading Dimensions:   L7.15M    H2.75M   W2.44M

Loading Volume:   46M³

Payload:  7.5 ton

Fittings:  Outfitted with a hydraulic tail lift, 5x Loadbars and 6x Straps. 4.30 Meter loading ramp carried inside (optional and by request). Second level with plywood (optional and by request).

Manufacturer:   VW

Loading Dimensions:  L4.3M    H1.8 - 1.9M W1.55 - 1.75M

Wheel Well Width:  1.35M

Payload:  900 kg

Manufacturer:   Volvo   

Trailer:   Spier

Loading Dimension:   L10.M    H2.70M   W2.44M

Loading Volume:   66M³

Payload:   10 Tons

Fittings: Outfitted with a hydraulic tail lift, 5x Loadbars and 6x Straps. 4.30 Meter loading ramp carried inside (optional and by request). Second level with plywood (optional and by request)

18 Ton Rigid Box Truck LKW


13.5 Meter Mega Cube Trailer

10 Meter City Trailer


Trucking Service GmbH


Trucking Service GmbH

Am Busch 8

51580 Wehnrath


Telephone: +49 2265 992110   

Fax: +49 2265 992199

E-Mail: info@truckingservice.de

Web: www.trucking-service.de

General Management:

Leo Steffen

European VAT ID: DE 122 660 652


General Terms of Contract

Trucking Service GmbH


1. Offers and contract finalisation

Offers from Trucking Service GmbH are without obligation. Customers can place orders verbally or in writing. The contract is in effect when the order is confirmed in writing by Trucking Service GmbH.

2. Scope of service

The scope of the contractual service is as specified in the written confirmation of the order. The contractual service comprises, to the extent specified in the written confirmation, the provision of a vehicle of the agreed type and the performance of the transport operation as agreed in each case. Any alterations must be made in writing

3. Price and payment

The price and payment conditions are as set down in the contract.

4. Cancellation by customer

In the event of a cancellation for reasons for which Trucking Service GmbH cannot be held accountable, Trucking Service GmbH is entitled to reasonable compensation as follows:

For a cancellation: Up to 30 days before start of journey 10% of agreed price. 14-29 days before start of journey 25% of agreed price. 13 days or less before start of journey 50% of agreed price.

5. Cancellation by Trucking Service GmbH

Trucking Service GmbH may cancel the contract prior to the start of the journey if the vehicle to be used is no longer operational, e.g. following an accident, and no equivalent replacement is available. In this case, the customer may claim its expenses directly related to the order. Trucking Service GmbH is entitled to withdraw from the contract if the negotiated payment conditions are not met. In this event, the transport costs incurred up to that time are payable immediately, and the residual amount under the transport contract is payable within 30 days.

6. Liability

Trucking Service GmbH is not liable for events of force majeure or circumstances beyond the control of Trucking Service GmbH. Liability is limited to the amount of the contractually agreed rental. Liability for the cargo applies according to CMR conditions, subject to a limitation of liability of 720,000.00 euro per claim. The customer is to arrange offsetting with the insurance company, and is to bear the cost of a retention of 750.00 euro per claim. The customer is liable for all damage to the vehicles supplied caused by it or its vicarious agents.

7. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction shall be Cologne.

The contractual relationship is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

If any individual contract conditions or clauses of the General Terms of Trade prove to be invalid, this shall not lead to the invalidity of the contract as a whole or the General Terms of Trade as a whole.

Any changes to the General Terms of Trade must be made in writing.




First and foremost, we would like to mention our driver team.

Thanks to them, Trucking Service has been able establish its reputation as one of the best Trucking companies in Europe. They are the professionals out on the road for us daily and without them, the company would not be where it is today.

Thank you!

Elmar Lamberti


Telefon: +49 2265 992118

Cell: +49 162 2102002


Hanno Lamberti


Telefon: +49 2265 992118

Cell: +49 162 2102001


Leo Steffen

General Manager / CEO

Office: +49 2265 99 21 26

Cell: +49 176 3000 6644


Thomas Schattner

Project Manager

Office: +49 2265 99 21 41

Cell: +49 176 3000 6619


Peter Krueger

Project Manager

Office: +49 2265 99 21 27

Cell: +49 162 210 2004


Thomas Ottilige

Special Projects

Telefon: +49 2265 992114

Cell: +49 162 2102003


Alex Nelbach

Project Manager

Office: +49 2265 99 21 29

Cell: +49 176 3000 6640


Bernd Abts


Cell: +49 (0)17630006600


Mahmut Gülmen


Cell: +49 (0)17630006600


Saskia Klumpner


Office: +49 2265 99 21 28


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